About The Line

About The Line

In any relationship, there are things that are black and white and there are grey areas. The Line helps you navigate those grey areas, so you can enjoy healthy and respectful relationships and recognise behaviour that ‘crosses the line’.

"I think the most important thing is knowing that everybody just wants the same thing. Everyone just wants to be loved. It’s about mutual respect."

Jagwar Ma


The Line's National Youth Week Competition

WIN a GoPro® White Edition camera or a signed cricket bat from The Line ambassador Pat Cummins!

To celebrate National Youth Week (4 - 13 April 2014) we're inviting you to use your imagination and get creative. What’s important to you in a relationship? Trust? Laughter? Communication? Use our Draw Your Own Line tool to create an image that represents this concept.

Download your drawing then send us an email with your full name, age, address, contact number, which prize you'd like and your drawing.

Entries close midnight 20 April 2014.

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Talk The Line

The Talk the Line Forum hours have been extended from two to four hours! Join us on Wednesday, 23 April from
7-11pm to share your thoughts on this week's topic:

Don’t forget – Talk the Line is anonymous.

Earlier Discussions

Each week on Talk the Line we discuss a different topic with you. When you visit the forum you can also read through our earlier discussions on topics such as bullies, sex, revenge, relationships and everything in between.

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Draw your own line

Have you ever crossed the line? Or has somebody crossed your line? Now you can let people know how it feels.

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