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Do you treat your friends differently when you're single versus when you’re in a relationship?

141 Votes
Votes closed 16th Apr '14
52% Yes
48% No

Have you ever done something stupid?

100 Votes
Votes closed 2nd Apr '14
64% Yes
36% No

Would you ever intervene in an argument between two friends?

76 Votes
Votes closed 19th Mar '14
66% Yes
34% No

Have you ever felt disadvantaged because of your gender?

128 Votes
Votes closed 5th Mar '14
60% Yes
40% No

Did your first relationship teach you a lot about yourself?

145 Votes
Votes closed 18th Aug '13
67% Yes
33% No

Do you have regrets about how past relationships turned out?

97 Votes
Votes closed 4th Aug '13
67% Yes
33% No

Is saying "I love you" to your girlfriend/boyfriend a really big deal?

146 Votes
Votes closed 21st Jul '13
65% Yes
35% No

Would you admit to your bf/gf if you've cheated on them?

214 Votes
Votes closed 7th Jul '13
64% Yes
36% No

Does abuse hurt more if it's to your face instead of over Facebook?

180 Votes
Votes closed 9th Jun '13
54% Yes
46% No

Should you need to know where your gf/bf is all the time?

213 Votes
Votes closed 26th May '13
22% Yes
78% No

She seemed interested earlier, but now she's really drunk. Do I still go for it?

426 Votes
Votes closed 12th May '13
19% Yes
81% No

Does you bf/gf ever make you angry?

50 Votes
Votes closed 28th Apr '13
62% Yes
38% No

Do you always need to know where your partner is?

90 Votes
Votes closed 21st Apr '13
44% Yes
56% No

Should your bf/gf have to look good to please you?

86 Votes
Votes closed 7th Apr '13
38% Yes
62% No

Ever said "I love you", but didn't really mean it?

115 Votes
Votes closed 24th Mar '13
55% Yes
45% No

Do girls experience a lot more pressure to look good than boys?

126 Votes
Votes closed 10th Mar '13
67% Yes
33% No

I think I stand out compared to most people

116 Votes
Votes closed 24th Feb '13
59% Yes
41% No

Have you ever felt pressure to conform to a stereotype?

72 Votes
Votes closed 10th Feb '13
57% Yes
43% No

Have you ever felt disadvantaged because of your gender?

16 Votes
Votes closed 27th Jan '13
63% Yes
37% No

Ever lied about liking something when you didn't, just to fit in with your friends?

54 Votes
Votes closed 27th Jan '13
76% Yes
24% No

Has your bf/gf ever asked you to change something about your appearance?

0 Votes
Votes closed 13th Jan '13
0% Yes
0% No

Have you ever changed something about yourself to please your boyfriend or girlfriend?

39 Votes
Votes closed 6th Jan '13
64% Yes
36% No

Have you ever taken embarrassing photos of friends and posted them online?

48 Votes
Votes closed 30th Dec '12
40% Yes
60% No

Have you ever vented your anger or frustration online?

85 Votes
Votes closed 23rd Dec '12
54% Yes
46% No

Have you ever Facebook stalked an ex?

94 Votes
Votes closed 9th Dec '12
61% Yes
39% No

Have you ever exaggerated the truth online about something you did with someone?

63 Votes
Votes closed 25th Nov '12
52% Yes
48% No

Is it okay to post sexy photos online if you hide your face?

115 Votes
Votes closed 11th Nov '12
39% Yes
61% No

Would you ever intervene in a fight between two friends?

58 Votes
Votes closed 28th Oct '12
53% Yes
47% No

Have you ever made a move on someone you really liked and been rejected?

1,105 Votes
Votes closed 21st Oct '12
72% Yes
28% No

Have you ever been sent a video of a real-life fight or someone being harassed?

6,276 Votes
Votes closed 7th Oct '12
55% Yes
45% No

Have you ever given in to peer pressure?

8,859 Votes
Votes closed 23rd Sep '12
54% Yes
46% No

If you see a friend disrespecting someone, do you challenge them to stop?

4,372 Votes
Votes closed 8th Sep '12
54% Yes
46% No

Is it crossing the line to read other people's text messages without their permission?

3,174 Votes
Votes closed 25th Aug '12
54% Yes
46% No

Have you ever dumped someone to go out with their friend?

2,048 Votes
Votes closed 18th Aug '12
54% Yes
46% No

Do bullies deserve revenge?

2,757 Votes
Votes closed 11th Aug '12
53% Yes
47% No

Are you still friends with your ex?

3,784 Votes
Votes closed 7th Aug '12
54% Yes
46% No

Do you get jealous of your friends hanging out with people you don’t get along with?

3,732 Votes
Votes closed 31st Jul '12
55% Yes
45% No

Should you keep secrets from your partner?

3,441 Votes
Votes closed 24th Jul '12
54% Yes
46% No

Have you ever felt depressed?

651 Votes
Votes closed 17th Jul '12
56% Yes
44% No
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