This Drawing tool allows you to create a personalised illustration of yourself that you can share on the website or send to friends. Create your own illustration and let people know how it feels to have your line crossed.

To use the Draw Your Line feature of this website, you will need the Adobe Flash Player 9 plugin for your browser. You can download it here.

Please note that a more accessible version of this Drawing tool is available here.


Step 1: Once you have selected a photo, you can use the Drawing tool bar to crop the image by zooming in and out, or moving the image up/down or left/right to reposition it.

Step 2: When you are ready to start drawing, click your mouse once in the drawing box and move your mouse to start drawing. To stop drawing click your mouse again in the box area.

You cannot stop and start the line. Once you click the second time, you will no longer be able to continue drawing the line on the same image.

Step 3: Once you have finished your line drawing, you can change the background colour using the "Colour" button, or remove the background photo by using the "Photo" button, on the Drawing tool bar.

Step 4: You can then choose to save your drawing to the gallery by clicking the "Save" button on the Image tool bar. Alternatively, you can choose to email, download or save it to your Facebook gallery.

Note: If you are having issues connecting to facebook please click here.

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