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The Line - Respect Each Other provides Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander youth aged 8-14, their parents, relatives and other community members with resources aimed at promoting healthy and respectful relationships.

Serpent Trails

The Serpent Trails segments provide a guided journey with Indigenous experts in art, film, acting and song writing. They show how to use a creative environment to build respectful relationships amongst young people in the classroom and the community.

We recommend using the interactive Serpent Trails resources together with the Serpent Tales and Jealousy scripts and lesson plans. Together, they can help build confidence and relationship skills amongst young Indigenous Australians in the areas of bullying, spreading rumours, respect and jealousy.

Serpent Trails

A resource for teachers

  • A resource for teachers
    - (Part 1: Art)

  • A resource for teachers
    - (Part 2: Acting)

  • A resource for teachers
    - (Part 3: Movies)

  • A resource for teachers
    - (Part 4: Rap)

  • A resource for teachers
    - (Full video)

Serpent Tales

Follow the stories of Tom, Jack, Stanley and the Mean Girls. See how they deal with issues such as bullying, texting and hitting, and learn about respecting others.

Serpent Tales plays and lesson plans

Serpent tales books

Act out a journey about jealousy with Tom and Sally

These two screenplays are about that ugly green monster 'jealousy'. You can choose whether you want to act out Sally's or Tom's point of view. You'll also find instructions on how to film the screenplay below. Have fun performing!

Jealousy Jealousy Sally play (PDF 121KB)
Jealousy Sally lesson plan (PDF 1.46MB)
Jealousy Tom play (PDF 121KB)
Jealousy Tom lesson plan (PDF 1.34MB)
Jealousy: How to make a movie (PDF 3.59MB)

Bullying interviews

We spoke to subject expert Dr Ken Rigby about bullying and techniques for dealing with bullies as well as other adults and kids about their experiences and thoughts on bullying. These interviews can be used as a complementary resource in the classroom to prompt students to think about bullying along with the Serpent Tales plays, comics and lesson plans.

Bullying Kids
Bullying Adults

Bullying Kids Transcript (HTML)
Bullying Adults Transcript (HTML)
Ken Rigby Transcript (HTML)

Rap4Respect and Art and Poster Competition

Congratulations to the winners of The Line’s Rap4Respect and Art and Poster Competitions!

Josh Kemp

Joshua Kemp

Joshua Kemp, 11, from Parkhurst, QLD worked with his music teacher to write poetry that became his winning Rap4Respect lyrics.

"I wanted to talk about how people should respect each other by letting them talk and have their own opinions. We should be helping each other and letting people be themselves."

Play Rap For Respect

Sophie Flynn Mates by Sophie Flynn

Sophie Flynn

Sophie Flynn's coloured drawing entitled Mates grabbed the 9 year old the Art and Poster Competition first prize.

"My drawing was inspired by my friendship with my cousin. Being good friends is all about trusting one another."

Many Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities throughout Australia are promoting respect - respect for yourself as well as respect for others.

These Community Showcases are about people, organisations and communities that have adopted The Line – Respect Each Other and other programs to address attitudes and behaviours that lead to violence.

Community Champion stories

The Line - Respect Each Other Community Champions share their thoughts about maintaining a respectful relationship.

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